Valerie Bisharat - Food Blogger

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Professional Background

Health writer, speaker, and teacher certified as a Women’s Fitness Specialist and personal trainer. I hold a Bachelor’s from NYU where I studied the relationship between fitness advertising and body image.

Favorite Dishes

  1. Creamy Pesto Chicken “Pasta”
  2. Healthy Buffalo-Inspired Chicken
  3. Paleo Sesame-Orange Chicken

Top 3 Kitchen Must-Haves

  1. Individual-sized glass or dishwasher-safe bowl. One strategy I use to get in my veggies is to throw them with some pre-washed greens in a bowl that’s space efficient and that I don’t have to worry about hand-washing!
  2. Lemon squeezer. I love to wake up and make myself hot water with fresh squeezed lemon.
  3. My slow cooker. Nothing beats a slow cooked stew in the fall or winter!

A Kitchen Catastrophe

A couple years ago I distinctly remember making a batch of healthified chicken enchilada soup that I was psyched to eat. Alas, one slip of the hand and I watched in slow motion as my four quarts of soup splattered all over the floor. Not a serving was to be saved, and that was supposed to last me a couple days!

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