The Home Bar Essentials Guide to Stocking Your First Bar!

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There’s a comfort to designing or mixing your own cocktails. You cater the ingredients to your liking, and measure out with precision the perfect balance of flavors, all to satisfy your craving of that relaxing drink that gives you a quick memory zap of being on holiday. Why wait to go to a fancy bar and spend a chunk of your paycheck when you can learn and prepare your favorite drinks right at home?

We at FortheChef believe that having a professional quality cocktail doesn’t have to be only purchased. Just having the right tools, and the right knowledge will get your cocktail mixing game on point for a night of Netflix at home, or an epic get-together with friends.

Stainless Steel Jiggers

Home Bar Guide Speed Jigger

The most important part of any cocktail is ensuring you have the right balance and measurements of your drinks. Different sized jiggers are designed to measure out precise ounces, for quick and easy accuracy. If this isn’t your purchase priority, we recommend to be careful to not make an overpowering cocktail.

Speed Pourer

Home Bar Guide to Speed Pourers

When hosting a large party of people the speed pourer is probably the most fun a guest would have when serving their own drinks. Instead of worrying about overflowing or spilling off the side of their glass, a speed pourer gives control and a consistent flow.

Cocktail Shakers

Home Bar Guide to Cocktail Shakers

If you want to LOOK like a total professional, just walk around shaking drinks in the cocktail shaker, people are going to assume you know exactly what you’re doing. But if you’re serious about cocktail mixing, a lot of people prefer shaken drinks with ice and having that option in a durable shaker is the way to go. The cap has a strainer for a quick delivery into your cup. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to look awesome shaking a shaker.

Julep Strainer

Home Bar Guide to Julep Strainers

For some people, selecting a strainer is often an “or” statement: julep OR Hawthorne. While both are effective at their purpose, we believe that owning both strainers is important due to the shakers they work with. From being a large perforated spoon, the julep strainer is exceptional when working with a mixing glass that has a wide circumference. It specializes at filtering out large chunks of fruit and cubes of ice.

Hawthorne Strainer

Home Bar Guide to Hawthorne Strainers

The Hawthorne strainer on the other hand is that cuter cousin to the julep that you love to show off with it’s curly frills and sleek look. But dear Hawthorne really works best with tin material mixers. With containers like our stainless steel cocktail shakers, the coil keeps the strainer in place atop the rim of the container and filters out large chunks of ice, fruit and such as well.

Sifter Strainer

Home Bar Guide to Sifter Strainers

However, while both the julep and Hawthorne strain out the coarser ingredients, there is a chance that the fine residue from muddled ingredients may pour into your serving glasses. For a perfectly clear cocktail, you should add the next straining step with a sifter strainer. Sifter strainers are built with a fine mesh and are usually used by having the julep or hawthorne pour into it. So ideally, investing in all three strainers is a must.

Beer Layering Spoon

Home Bar Guide Beer Layering Spoon

A black and tan beer, also known as the half and half, is a drink best served even-layered. Pouring the two beers into your mug straight increases the chance of the drinks mixing, rather than properly layering. Use a beer layering spoon by hooking it on the glass’s rim, and pour the second beer against the spoon’s head. Simple as that.

Bar Spoon

Home Bar Guide to Bar Spoons

Every bar uses a tool for stirring. Whether it’s a chopstick or a swizzle stick, we prefer the classic bar spoon because of its versatile use. It could be used like the aforementioned beer layering spoon, it could also be used as a tool to pull up undesirable floating debris, and because of it’s length, it’s the king of all things stirring. Besides, the appearance alone looks like it belongs to any home bar set.

Wooden Muddler

Home Bar Guide to Wooden Muddlers

Besides it being an exceptional tool for stress-relief, the muddler is perfect for crushing fruits and herbs like mint leaves to accentuate the flavors in your drinks. Lay the fruits and herbs at the bottom of your mixing glass and muddle the frustrations away for a perfect flavor extraction.

Lemon Squeezer

Home Bar Guide to Lemon Squeezers
A standard juicer serves a similar purpose, however, the pulp cleanup could be incredibly tedious and annoying. With a lemon squeezer, instead of grinding the juice out of the citrus halves, you’re pressing and filtering the juice through the device. So ditch the pulpy drink and just give a firm squeeze to get your fruit juices goin’.

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