Labor Day Menu Ideas: Top Recipe Picks For 2016


Like every year, this summer was short. At least it was filled with some cool food and drink trends such as extravagant milkshakes, seasonal fruit filled galettes, and our personal favorite - the frose cocktail.  If summer has to end so soon, we might as well celebrate its departure with some banging food… and a drink or two.

We searched the web to find the best recipes for you to whip up this Labor Day.

Main Meal

There’s no proper sendoff to summer without savory wings sizzling against a grill. This grilled chicken wings recipe from I’d Rather Be A Chef takes wing preparation time to a new level by being an easy, 30 minute recipe for a quick bite.


Side Dish

You might be asking yourself, “are they really suggesting we serve fruits as a side dish?” Um, yes we are. Grilled fruits offer both a sweet and smoky flavor, complementing any grilled meat. To get an idea as to which fruits are best for grillin’, check out Real Good Simple’s recipe for their Grilled Fruit Salad.



Give your favorite IPA a delicious, summery zing with this sweet “Hop, Skip and Go Naked” recipe. From adding lemon vodka, fruit juices, and more you’ll experience a fruity beverage perfect for lawn-lounging enjoyment. Check out Kitchen Konfidence’s recipe for the “Hop, Skip and Go Naked” cocktail.



When people think of a dessert, no one expects a grill to be involved. Whether you’re having a backyard party or a family trip to the park, grilling a pineapple mixed with some ice cream is a smoky and sweet blend of amazingness. Check out Everyday Dishes for their summer take on the scrumptious Grilled Pineapple Sundae recipe.

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