FortheChef's Guide to Buying Gifts for Chefs

We all have that special someone who prides themselves as the Chef of the family. They spend hours planning and preparing big dinners and experiment with different flavors. They use recipes to follow as a guide and deviate away from the plans to add their own twist to the dish. This gift guide is for those busy chefs who love to cook, and are looking to expand their repertoire.

Zyliss Food Processor

The Zyliss food processor was designed to be simple, portable, and require no electricity to work. With a firm pull, the blades spin and dice your ingredients with ease. Dicing and cutting has never been easier.


8" Stainless Steel Premium Induction-Ready Tri-Ply Bottom Fry Pan

These induction ready fry pans are perfect for sauteing vegetables and meat. Stainless steel is perfect for searing, browning and sauteing. The tall, sloping walls allow an easy turn and shake without spilling the food contents. If that deliciously perfect sizzle is the home chef’s top 5 fave, look no further than these pans.


Dual-Sided Griddle

Pancakes for breakfast, steak for dinner -- this griddle prepares each on both of its sides. A favorite amongst our customers, this dual-sided griddle serves as two cooking styles in one and would surely have your busy chef excited to use this versatile tool.


Enamel Grill Pan

Cook a beautiful steak in a beautiful pan. The cast iron enameled skillet is designed to cook evenly and sear meats perfectly. These are a favorite amongst most chefs as the performance is unparalleled and the color is eye-catching to both cooks and none.


Rice Cooker

Preparing rice should be as easy as a push of a button. Following the rice cooker’s level guide, just add rice, water, and push the preparation button so you can set it and forget it until it’s time to serve!


All-in-One Salad Maker Set

The all-in-one salad spinner and food chopper is perfect for those looking to prepare a healthy and versatile salad. With multiple stainless steel blades for various cutting styles, salads will be prepared effortlessly.


Pressure Cooker

When it comes to cooking while tight on time, a solid pressure cooker is designed to quickly prepare what would normally take longer to prepare. Cooking time is reduced up to 70%. So for those busy chefs out there, lighten the pressure with the pressure cooker.


Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Whether they’re a new homeowner, or looking to replace multiple cookware pieces, these stainless steel cookware sets were curated to start chefs on the right foot for cookware. These pieces were designed to cook efficiently and last for many years.


Electronic Metallic Digital Scale

Some chefs do it by eye, some need the perfect measurement -- depending on the dish, it may require you to do both. Investing in a kitchen scale helps with both cooking and baking, and getting that perfect measurement down would help achieve the perfection the busy chef would need.


Enamel Dutch Ovens

The cookware is just as beautiful as the dishes it prepares. These enamel dutch ovens were designed to slow-cook your meals to perfection. Every chef wants a quality dutch oven that inspires friends and family to salivate at the sight of this piece.



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