#FrozenFriday: Keep Cool With the King of Pops

King of Pops King of Pops Cookies N' Cream Popsicle

If the weather is permitting, white push carts paired with brightly colored rainbow umbrellas, and an accompanying line of people eager to buy fresh fruit ice pops, are a common sight at various locations in Atlanta. Nothing about these ice pops, however, is ordinary.

In search of a career change, Steven Carse, and his brother Nick started their frozen treat empire, King of Pops, in 2010. FortheChef.com had a chance to catch up with Steven to talk more about his pop kingdom.

In the beginning, Steven and Nick worked out of Steven’s kitchen, where they experimented with different food pairings and popsicle making techniques in their kitchen, seeking to emulate the delicious palettes they had encountered years before in Central America. Nick made early morning trips to the local farmers market to gather fresh ingredients. In 2014, the brothers started their own farm, King of Crops, to continue their commitment to using local, high-quality ingredients.

King of Pops Steven and Nick Carse

These days, King of Pops has locations in 8 different states, each with their own individual kitchen using fresh produce from the area, minimizing the brand’s overall carbon footprint. The differences in produce at these various locations ensure that each King of Pops operation has its own unique ice pop flavor. For example, Steven explained peaches – and thus King of Pop’s Fresh Peach ice pop – taste different in Georgia than in Charleston, South Carolina, because of the differences in peaches grown in the regions.

King of Crops King of Crops

In just six years, King of Pops has grown exponentially. This past year, the brand opened two bars. At King of Pops Bar & Good Grub, located in the Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia, one can sample local brews and popsicle-flavored cocktails. Crooked Crown: A Barely Regal PopBar, located in Charleston, South Carolina, offers “poptails,” or boozy popsicles, to its patrons. If you’re in the neighborhood, Steven says, stop in, say hello and cool down with tantalizing, fruit pop. For faraway fans, you can go to their website and order a batch of your favorite flavor.

King of Pops Bar & Good Grub King of Pops Bar & Good Grub

We highly suggest stopping by and trying one of their alluring fruity popsicles to help you cool down and beat that Summer heat.

Photos excepted from King of Pops.

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