5 Easy Tips for a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

cinco de mayo fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is on a Friday this year, so lets fiesta like there's no mañana! Pulling together a Cinco de Mayo dinner party is easier than you think. With a few staple food and drinks, everyone can have fun; you can't go wrong with tacos and margaritas! Here at FortheChef, we pulled together a couple of tips and recipes we adore to help you throw a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

5 Simple Tips for Throwing a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

1. Offer A Variety of Taco Fillings

Variety is the spice of life - and the key to hosting a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Offering a variety of fillings such as chicken, steak, pork, or vegetables for your vegan friends is part of the fun when building tacos. Don't forget to set out different toppings, cheese, and seasonings. If you're interested in a vegan recipe, check out our Cauliflower Tacos with Garbanzo Beans & Pickled Jalapenos recipe here.

2. Margaritas

Although there are endless amounts of different recipes for margaritas, you should start with the basics if it is your first time making them. But first, you should know that there are two different kinds of people in the world, those who drink frozen margaritas and those who enjoy it on-the-rocks. Part of being a good host or hostess is giving your guests options to enjoy their cocktail to their preference. Almost any blender can be used to make a frozen margarita, but a proper cocktail shaker is needed to make a margarita on-the-rocks. For a simple margarita recipe, check out our recipe here. To make it a frozen margarita, simple add the ice to the blender along with the other ingredients and blend it to the desired consistency.

3. Homemade Salsa

Once you have homemade salsa, it is hard to go back to store bought salsa. Making salsa is well worth the work because it allows you to control the flavor, heat, and consistency. We have shared a few different salsa recipes, but Pico de Gallo is a classic and must-have for any fiesta. Check out some of our favorite salsa recipes here.

4. Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

Buying lemon and lime juice from concentrate is perfect for when you are feeling lazy, but when recreating authentic Mexican dishes and drinks, nothing adds a finishing touch quite like freshly squeezed lime juice. To get the most out of your limes, you should zest the skin into whatever drink or food recipe you are concocting so that it can be exposed to the essential oils from the skin and add a tangy twist to the flavor.

5. Guacamole

No Cinco de Mayo fiesta is complete without a heaping amount of freshly made guac.  All you really need to make guacamole are a few ripe avocados, salt, and a splash of lime or lemon juice to balance the richness of the avocado. We like to add various textures using chopped cilantro, chiles, onion, and tomato. You can grab an easy guacamole recipe here.


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!

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