Beer Glassware Guide – Serve Beer the Best Way

Beer glass shapes and sizes are designed to accentuate different aspects of each beer - whether it be the visual of the beer’s color and carbonation, the foam resting on top, or to allow the drinker to get a good whiff the beer’s aroma before drinking. Serving a beer in the correct glass will not only attract beer-educated patrons to your establishment, but will enhance the experience of every customer who orders a cold one. Whether a restaurant or full bar, informing staff of the beer glassware guide will increase both the customer experience and beer sales.

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Pilsner Glass

996106402 12 Oz. Pilsner Glass -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide

Pilsner glasses are tall and skinny with a small amount of curvature in the body. They often hold a little less than a pint and are designed to allow light to travel through the beer, showcasing the beer’s color and carbonation in an appetizing way.

Pilsner glasses are often used for light beers, pale lagers, and (you guessed it) pilsners.

Glass Beer Mug

996106372 13 Oz. Sports Beer Mug -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide

Glass beer mugs have one main goal – to hold a large volume of beer. They are a little less serious than other beer glasses and will often be seen in casual pubs. Their thick glass walls do serve some purpose though, they keep the beer cold and can withstand enthusiastic clanking together during toasts and cheers.
There is no real rule of what beer to serve in glass beer mugs, but they are often seen holding American ales, English ales, and German lagers.

Snifter / Brandy Glass

996106181 12 Oz. Brandy Glass -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide
Normally for brandy and cognac, snifters have infiltrated the world of beer for their great shape for swilling aromatic beers. These glasses have a very short stem and wide bowl.

Strong, aromatic beers are best served in snifters. These include double/ imperial IPAs, imperial stouts, and most beers above 7%.

Tulip Beer Glass

Tulip Beer Glass -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide
Tulip glasses have a medium length stem, a wide bowl similar to a snifter, but a neck that narrows and then slightly opens up at the top. Tulip glasses are shaped to enhance the aroma of strong beers but the narrowing near the top is to hold beer with lots of head (or foam).

American double/ imperial IPAs, Scottish ales, and Belgian IPAs are often served in tulip glasses so that their aromas can be enjoyed without losing the foam.

Pint Glass / Shaker Pint

996106518 16 Oz. Mixing Glass -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide

Pint glasses, also commonly called shaker pints, are one of the most popular beer glasses in the United States and Western Europe. The American pint glass (pictured) is a straight, slowly opening cylinder while English pint glasses are similar in shape but have a slight taper near the top. These glasses are easy to stack and clean so are the go-to choice for most restaurants and casual bars. They come in 16 or 20 ounce sizes.

Just about any type of beer has been served in a pint glass, but a good use for the American pint glass is for all types of American beers – ales, lagers, IPAs, and pilsners.

Weizen Glass

Weizen Glass -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide
Weizen glasses, often mistaken for pilsner glasses, are tall and thin for a good display of color and carbonation. The difference between a weizen and a pilsner glass is that the weizen is a bit curvier as it is designed to hold foamy beers and retain the head at the top.

Weizen glasses, as their German name implies, are for serving wheat beers. Slices of citrus are often added to the rim but this can cause the foam to dissipate quickly.

Beer Goblet

Beer Goblet -- FortheChef Beer Glassware Guide

Beer goblets are similar in shape to snifters but with a longer stem and narrower bowl. They are designed to maintain head and allow for a good, deep sip of an aromatic beer.

Goblets are great for serving strong, heavy beers like Belgian IPAs and malty beers.

Beer Glassware Guide

You staff has no excuse not to serve beer in its correct glass thanks to this handy beer glassware guide. Your beer sales will increase and patrons will enjoy a better experience when they use the beer glass designed for each type of brew.

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