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Kitchen products should break eggs, not the bank. So why are kitchen products so expensive, and where is the value in that? And why do the pros in professional kitchens not opt for products that retail for several hundreds of dollars in your nearest kitchen store? These are the key issues that sets out to solve.

First, it’s important to understand the industry.

The truth is, most kitchen product manufacturing is outsourced overseas – this includes some long-standing large “name brands” out there, and even some that have made a name of being “American-made”. And what ends up happening is that different brands end up on the same production lines. These large companies design, manufacture, and sell their branded products to retailers, and sometimes on top of that, they shell out millions to a celebrity endorser just to slap a famous name on the result. Each step along the way someone takes a huge cut and as a result there’s a huge markup that you, the customer, ultimately pay for.

So why are we your alternative? We’ve circumvented the traditional channels and eliminated the middlemen. We are vertically integrated and independent, allowing us to source from carefully selected, high-quality manufacturers with ethical practices. Our web-based sales approach allows us to bypass all those unnecessary markup layers so that ultimately you, the most important part of the entire equation, get all the savings and value.'s products are built to the high-quality, professional-standards that professional chefs have come to expect – to be functional and reliable – and are designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of home and commercial kitchens alike. Many of our products are made in the same manufacturing plants as the products that may inhabit your kitchen counters as we speak, but ours are fractions of the price.

Every step along the way we try to pass any savings onto you. This includes not only value pricing, but also free standard shipping on some products. We believe that it is our mission to bring the culinary spirit to everyone, from the Kitchen Newcomer to the Culinary Artist to the Professional Chef. Beyond that, with our exemplary customer service, we take great pride in valuing each and every customer like you are our only customer.

So now the only question remains: What’s Cooking?

The Three Chefs

Kitchen Newcomer

Kitchen Newcomer

Whether just starting out as a new cook with limited time in the kitchen of your college dormitory or apartment or wanting to develop your fundamental cooking skills, you will need to get set up with the proper tools to prepare enjoyable homemade meals. Get started with a non-stick pan for delicious breakfast creations or some solid basics to boil water for a tasty pasta dish. To ensure a safe and smooth cooking process, our kitchen enthusiasts have compiled a range of products designed to suit the needs of any Kitchen Newcomer.

Culinary Artist

Culinary Artist

As a Culinary Artist, you DVR instructional cooking shows, check out your favorite food blogs for the release of new and exciting recipes, and seek high-quality cookware to recreate or adapt those recipes. No need to break the bank to recreate your favorites: our kitchen enthusiasts are devoted to providing you with the proper tools that inspire you to venture into the kitchen with unique recipes that will spice up your standard cooking routine and those hearty meals for your family and friends.

Professional Chef

Professional Chef

Professional-grade kitchen tools are a necessity for the success of a bistro, bakery, restaurant, or food truck. From commercial-grade stockpots to elegantly designed chafers, our kitchen enthusiasts have arranged an array of products to meet the high demands of your professional kitchen. offers the Professional Chef a vast selection of premium, commercial-ready products to stock expert kitchens, including everything from heavy-duty, commercial-grade cookware to bakeware to cutlery, and much more.

Our Mission Statement

We believe wholeheartedly in value in every sense of the word. To us, that means both premium products at value pricing, and to make you feel valued as our customer. We aim to provide you with a good product at an unbeatable price. With us, you’re paying for a quality product, not a fancy label or celebrity spokesperson. We know that cooking isn’t beautiful all the time and that the main dish can actually be quite a lot of work with a side of messy. That’s why we share our knowledge on everything kitchen related including cookware, bakeware, barware and more. By providing excellent customer care, we want each customer to feel as though they are our only and most important customer.

Why Shop With Us? Value Pricing Icon

Value Pricing

We offer value product pricing - what does that mean? You get what you pay for: an awesome product -- no frills necessary. We also offer friendly and knowledgeable Live Chat help support (with a real person, no less!!!) during business hours to help you make the best selection (or just to have a conversation!) -- come and say “hai!” Vast Selection Icon

Vast Selection

We strive to give you nothing less than a vast selection of products catered specifically to your kitchen and tabletop. So when you shop with us, we make sure you don’t get lost at sea like you would with other retailers. Our products are hand-picked to ensure that we offer you kitchenware that we would love to have ourselves. Just like your kitchen knowledge and skills are constantly expanding, so are our products. So be sure to keep an eye out for new additions! To make your experience with us more convenient, we also pre-create curated sets to give you more kitchenware pieces for an excellent value. Why buy individual items when you can buy them all together in one step and save money? Win-win. Free Standard Shipping Icon

Free Standard Shipping on Some Products

If you're in the Continental United States, you are eligible for free "Chef's Preference" Shipping on some products. We also offer expedited shipping methods if you prefer. To learn more about our shipping process, read more about it here. Hassle-Free Returns Icon

Hassle-Free Returns

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority -- nothing matters more to us than helping you create your next culinary masterpiece! With our hassle-free return policy, returning our products is a breeze. But why would you want to... our products are sweet. Learn more about our hassle-free returns here. Secure Shopping Icon

Secure Shopping

PayPal Acceptance Mark

It is important to us that you feel safe and secure as you shop around our site. That is why we have implemented the highest level of security via Braintree Payments to protect your online credit card transactions. We also offer PayPal as another payment option. So go ahead, shop your heart out!

Where Are We Located? is located at 95 Mayhill Street, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. Most of our orders ship out of our warehouse in Saddle Brook. We're proud to be in the Garden State!

So how can we spark your culinary interest today?